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>  Steam Room Advice

Your equipment requires regular & thorough cleaning, you should implement a suitable cleaning regime to include the following to keep your generator free from limescale:

Steam Room Advice



1. Regularly test your water for the calcium content. 50ppm or lower, indicates the generator should not get too scaled up. It is still important to check your probes weekly to make sure they are free from deposits.


2. Manually drain down your unit to make sure it is draining freely, as this will also give a good indication of limescale build up inside the unit.


3. As soon as you notice any sign of limescale build up, carry out de-scaling

IMPORTANT: Do not to allow any water or descalant to fall on to the electrical connections or the printed circuit board on top of the generator.

CAUTION: The contents of the generator may be dangerously hot. Should the autoclean drain directly into the steam room, first make sure it is not being used.



1. Descaling should be carried out when generator is cool.


2. Ensure the generator is switched off and isolate power to generator and autoclean.


3. Remove the top plate from the generator by unscrewing the top two screws and lifting off.


4. Disconnect the spade connectors from the water level sensor probe (hexagonal nylon block with three stainless steel rods passing through it into the tank). Make sure you note their positions to ensure correct re-connection.


5. Unscrew the complete water level sensing probe assembly by turning the nylon block anti-clockwise and withdraw the probe from the tank. This will require the use of a pair of grips.


6. The exposed polished steel probes should be manually descaled while also polishing the stainless steel exposed ends taking care not to damage the insulation.


7. Pour 250g of the citric acid powder dissolved in a little water into the tank through the opening for the probe, making sure to use a funnel to avoid spilling.


8. Screw the water level probe back into place, re-connect the spade connectors in the same order as removed and replace the top plate.


9. Re-connect power to generator and autoclean.


10. Switch generator back on and run for about an hour.


11. After this period the contents should be drained by using the override button on the autoclean. This is done by first switching off the generator by using the orange switch then holding the drain button for approximately 60 seconds until the contents have been drained.