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Parts Guide - Steam Section

VAPAC PV15-D Steam Generator

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How to order

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Feed drain manifold

Neutral Discharge

13mm Condensate Hose

22mm Condensate Hose

16mm Condensate Hose

Tundish Fill Cup

22mm Condensate Hose

‘O’ Ring

Wire Hose Clip

Feed Valve

Wire Hose Clip (20mm)

Wire Hose Clip (28mm)

Gasket Vapac Pump Housing

Temperature Controller AKO

Rocker Switch

Lamp (Neon Red)

Rocker Switch (3 Position)

Rocker Switch (Moment)

Cable C/W Electrode Cap

35mm ID Vapac Hose

White Cap

Black cap

Hose Clip (35-45mm)

S12KW  Hard Water Cylinder


6KW Cylinder

New Pump

Pump Cover

Flexible Feed Hose

Drain Trap

SS1          VSTMARYR

SS2          VSTNEDIS

SS3          VSTCOH13

SS4          VSTTELAR  

SS5          VSTCOH16

SS6          VSTTVFIC  

SS7          VSTCOH22  

SS8          VSTORING  

SS9          VSTWIH18  

SS10        VSTWA24V

S11          VSTWIH20

S11L        VSTWIH28  

SS12        VSTMAPGA

SS13        VSTEMPCO

SS14        VSTGELIS

SS15        VSTGEPOL

SS16        VSTGEDRS  

SS17        VSTGEMAS

SS18        VSTPLBLC

SS19        VSTHOS35

SS20        VSTPLWHI

SS21        VSTPLBLA  

SS22        VSTJUCLI

SS23        VSTCY3HS  

SS23        VSTCY3SR

SS23        VSTCYV06

SS24        VSTDR240

SS25        VSTDRCOV

SS26        VSTHOINL  

SS27        VSTDRTRA